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Here you'll see posts being made about whatever pops into my head but there will be tons of otome games (especially Utapri!) and RPG posts being made. Plus sparkles, there are tons of sparkles here!

I bid you all good day and happy gaming!

We’re floating! You see? This is what happened the first time I saw you!


Something just clicked for some reason, and I don’t know if anybody else has made this connection/parallel yet or not so correct or remind me if they have, but surely everyone remembers back during '18 Miles Out' whenever Rick finally confronted Shane about him knowing what happened between him and Lori?


Remember how Rick told him, "And when I fige’d (*figured obviously - sorry I just had to use the Rick-scent) it out, and I fige’d it out pretty quick…I wanted to break your jaw. Let you choke on your teeth. But I didn’t. That wasn’t weakness. It took everything.

I’m making this point simply pointing out the fact there’s a distinct difference between being weak and maintaining your strength. Shane was a very weak person. He took it upon himself to kill others (like Otis, Randall and later on almost Rick too) essentially taking the easy way out of problems. (i.e Killing Otis to live, killing Randall to get to Rick, and attempting to kill Rick to get to Lori and Carl.) He was just a really weak person with extremely weak judgement. Rick, on the other hand made calls with no thoughts for himself, but in regards for others. His actions selfless. The parallel I’m making here is to Beth seeing as how she is continuously called a weak person from certain people who just obviously have no idea what true strength is. 

Beth’s ability to maintain such a bright attitude even in such perilous times is not her being naive. It’s her being brave enough to know good things can still come out of this world they’re living in. It's not simply just about surviving. And characters with that mentality often end up meeting terrible ends. Beth is a survivor. She isn’t Maggie, she’s not Michonne, she’s not Carol. But she. is. a. survivor. Her ability to still show emotion and have sorrow in such a cold, dark world isn’t weakness. It’s her strong ability to maintain her humanity and softness. Just like how Rick’s ability to stay strong enough not to break Shane’s jaw in half, even knowing he’d slept with his wife, was strength. And people need to start actually watching this show without passing false judgement on such a complex, beautiful character like Beth Greene. She doesn’t deserve any of the hate that she gets and I find it ridiculous.


The nature of Beth Greene is organic and so to see her put next to someone like Daryl Dixon who had such a rough life before, and even essentially now is interesting. It’s different, it’s something new. To see Daryl finally comfortable enough to open up to someone and it be someone like Beth Greene who isn’t just the end-all, be-all badass is necessary. She feeds off of his strength while he feeds off of her positivety and softness. It’s something he needs, it’s something he can thrive off of. And vice-versa. It’s no wonder why ‘Alone’ was labeled the most romantic episode in The Walking Dead to date. And why it was said that it’s the happiest that we’ve ever seen Daryl and Beth. It’s obvious, and it’s apparent that Daryl was absolutely devastated whenever he lost that little light in his life.

Beth Greene opened up something inside of Daryl that at first he wasn’t fully prepared to deal with, but persistent Beth didn’t just stand there and allow him to scream in her face, she actually screamed back. And seeing something like this come from Beth was striking, even taking Daryl aback. But it opened him like a book. It had that false some dumb redneck attitude from the past he was trying to personify dissipate into the real Daryl Dixon. The one that feels and fears things. Beth became Daryl’s strength in a time when he was weak.And that’s what makes these two’s relationship with one another so beautiful. 


I truly look forward to seeing more of these two in Season 5. And I really, really look even more forward to seeing that kitchen table conversation completed. Because without any single doubt, Beth Greene is who changed Daryl Dixon’s mind. And the look on his face we don’t even need words for, because his face said it all.




Lori and Rick. 

During the time when Rick told the entire group what Jenner had told him at the CDC, their trust in Rick became shaken. Rick, who was somewhat emotionally devastated acted like a cornered animal when confronted as to why he didn’t tell anyone. He didn’t believe it would have changed anything or done any good to have told them. He made that call, but he was having to suffer the consequences of a shaken group’s panic. When he all but snarled and walked off, Lori came to comfort him, catching him in an embrace from behind. 


We see nearly the same emotional bond happen with Beth and Daryl although the situation far more intensely played out and for different reasons. But, what we did witness from this parallel was both had just suffered a great amount of loss

There is undeniably an unbreakable bond between Beth and Daryl. Hence why Daryl spent two entire days running after Beth’s kidnappers and why in Season 5 we will see Daryl searching vehicles in resemblance to the one that captured her. Because as Norman said, "He’ll have a soft spot for her forever."and with the emotional walls that were broken down between them, “He’s loyal forever.”

Track Title: Koi wa Hira Hirari

Artist: Goose house

Album: Gin no Saji season 2


Song: Koi wa Hira Hirari
Artist: Goose house
Album: Gin no Saji season 2 [single]


I wanted to make a simple gif of Howl and Sophie looking at the stars :), I really enjoyed making this tiny animation <3
Tumblr / Behance / Facebook page / Official Website 


I wanted to make a simple gif of Howl and Sophie looking at the stars :), I really enjoyed making this tiny animation <3

Tumblr / Behance / Facebook page / Official Website 







Oh god I am delirious…. 


I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe.

Lost it at Cinderella. Thanks tumblr.

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perks of being short

  • can be picked up
  • perfect spooning
  • good at hiding
  • can ride mini ponies
  • low ceilings/doorways not a problem

cons of being short

  • pants are too long
  • not an arm rest
  • cannot reach
  • cannot reach
  • cannot reach